Step 6-Fabrication

North Star Plating Process - Step 6


There aren't many steps in our process that we can skip, but sometimes we can skip this one. Only if it's needed, here is where we'll patch the existing holes in your bumper, whether they rusted that way or were punched into it. Our crack team of fabricators will cut out the offending section of metal, shape and cut a new piece to fit, and weld it back in.

We use only the finest welding techniques to keep our "stitches" small and easy to erase. No one wants to see a chrome plated bumper with big welding beads beneath. But obviously, some welding evidence will remain after this stage, which is why we'll then send your bumper back to the grinders, who will polish those ridges down into a flush, even surface.

Once that's done, it's on to the next step: polishing.