Attention, Effective immediately 11-16-2020 we were informed by our corporate office that our company North Star Plating will no longer plate "NON BUMPER" parts, i.e. trims, hood ornaments, pot metal etc... Please be advised that this change means that we can no longer accept in this type of product or begin any work that is now currently at our facility staged for working, but has yet started the plating processes. All such work will be returned undone. We apologize for the disruption this will caused you.

We're enthusiasts. We know that the look of a bumper, trim piece, or hub cap is either perfect or it isn't. It either matches or it doesn't. So we have experienced, specialized team members who work hard at every stage of the process to get your chrome parts looking precisely flawless. And before we send it back to you, we inspect each and every part thoroughly. If it's not pristine, we strip off the plating and start over. From hot rods to muscle cars, vintage restorations to modern trucks, if you need something replated...

North Star Plating is your home for chrome.