Step 3-Straightening

North Star Plating Process - Step 3


After 50 or 60 years in existence, it's not out of the question that your bumper could use some straightening. It might be something you haven't even noticed. But we don't want to plate and send back to you a crooked bumper, so we straighten every bumper that needs it before it moves on to the next step.

To do this, we use a wooden form for the OE bumper specs. We keep a huge number of these forms "on file," so we can be sure everything is returned to proper factory fit. Our two straightening techs only work on this stage, and they're very experienced with their arsenal of hammers and their hydraulic press. The straightening stage is also where all dents and dings will be carefully worked out of your bumper.

Next, your bumper will head to the stripping stage.