Step 13-Shipping

North Star Plating Process - Step 13


Once your bumper has been painstakingly inspected, it is carefully, thoroughly wrapped, boxed, and sent back to you via UPS. If you dropped your bumper off here in person, you can, of course, come back in to pick it up.

We don't particularly want to retrace our steps repairing a bumper that was damaged in shipping back to you, so we're keen to package it securely, protecting both the structure and the finish from the jostling and wear a package can earn in the back of a delivery truck.

The last step, of course, is yours: Putting your beautifully plated bumper back on your car and enjoying it.

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Download & fill out the "Customer Information Form" above before sending your bumpers, hood ornaments, etc. to be restored. This is for all customers of North Star Plating.


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