Step 11- Chrome Bath

North Star Plating Process - Step 11


Now, finally, after 10 steps of preparation, it's time to add the chrome to your bumper. It takes about 90 seconds. Like the copper and all three layers of nickel, the chrome is electroplated to your bumper. The layer is extremely thin, but very hard, meaning it can help protect the nickel underneath. It also keeps it from tarnishing.

We use what's called "hexavalent" chrome, which gives your bumper a cool, bluish tint. Hexavalent chrome is becoming rare, with more platers opting for "trivalent" chrome. Trivalent is easier to produce, but carries a blackish tint, and is considered inferior. We only use hexavalent, since your bumper might need to match with other chrome parts of your car.

We then rinse your bumper and send it to the inspection bench.