Step 1-Receiving

North Star Plating Process - Step 1


In the first of our 13 steps, we receive and check in the bumper you've sent to us. Local customers can also drop off bumpers in person. One of our sales representatives will discuss with you your options, so we can make sure we do the job exactly as you want it done.

Your bumper will be assigned a job number and assigned to a "tree," or wheeled rack, that will stay with it throughout the restoration process. The tree gets a physical tag with the job number, and the back of the bumper is inscribed with it, as well.

This helps us keep track of each piece as it moves throughout the facility, and guarantees that the bumper you get back at the end of the process is the exact bumper you sent us, and not someone else's. Numbers-matching classic car owners, breathe easy.

Before we begin any work on your bumper, we take several photographs of it to document any damage or flaws we'll need to work on as we go. These photos are matched to your job number.