Here at North Star, our Brainerd team has been restoring automotive bumpers since 1968. From Model A Fords to 70s muscle cars, and classic trucks to modern semi tractors, North Star Plating can return any bumper to a condition exceeding original equipment standards. The team receives bumpers from all over the United States and as far away as France and Sweden. We specialize in automotive bumpers and can restore and plate most items made from steel, brass, or zinc.

Known for producing quality products from start to finish, North Star Plating is committed to meet all of your plating needs. North Star experts are trained in specific areas of bumper restoration, such as straightening, grinding, and polishing, in order to master the craftsmanship of the restoration process.

Whether you're a shop owner, auto restoration hobbyist or expert, or an average car owner who wants to keep your vehicles looking great, we can take care of you. Put your confidence in us, a crack team of chroming experts. When you chose to do business with us, we are completely dedicated to providing you with the best results on the market.

"The employees at North Star are very skilled at what they do. The quality exceeds the work of other platers."

-Howard (1967 Camaro SS)
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