Chromed Classics Mean Springtime in Minnesota

Chromed Classics Mean Springtime in Minnesota

Car Season

It’s late April in Minnesota and the classic cars are beginning to show up on our roads after winter hibernation. Soon the glint of chrome will be everywhere.

We Chrome

A grille for a 1965 Ford pickup. The rear bumper from a 1974 Road Runner. Even a brass exhaust port for a boat. All custom chromed and ready for their owners to install.

North Star Plating has had a busy winter trying to keep up with the demand for high quality show chrome. It’s a time-consuming process restoring a chrome piece that will go onto someone’s dream car, truck, or boat. Quality is not quick and quick is not quality.

The Gathering of Cars

I’m anxious for the first Friday evening gathering of classic cars at the corner parking lot here in Brainerd. Car guys and gals will drive their classics to town and line up in an auto parts store’s parking lot for no other reason than to show and chat about the car or truck they love. Happens every spring!