Happy Customer!

Jack V. from Michigan called and told us about his 1965 Plymouth Belvedere bumpers that we chromed. In Jacks words "They look fantastic". Jack has been to car shows in Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Gross Point. Of all the chrome he saw, North Star's chrome is equal to, or better than the others. Thanks Jack. Enjoy your Belvedere and the 'lifetime guarantee' on your bumpers!


I'm overcome by car envy.  Paint schemes and colors stretch for blocks. 

It's the 46th annual 'Back to the 50s' weekend at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. More than 11,000 classic cars and trucks, 1964 and older are gathered here.

For 15 years North Star Plating has been represented at this event. Our tent at the corner of Underwood and Randall will have hundreds of car enthusiasts stopping in to ask about chrome plating. After all, North Star is your 'Home for Chrome'

Last year more than 300 folks entered a drawing for a chance to win $1,000 toward a chrome plating job. Jacob from Coon Rapids, MN was the lucky winner. He chose to restore bumpers for his 1972 Chevelle. They turned out great! 

Stop in Friday, Saturday, or Sunday June 21, 22, 23 for a chance to win this year's drawing. 


They don't make 'em like this anymore.

In 1941 the Cadillac showed off a 4 pound chrome, hood ornament called the Flying Goddess! One of these beauties arrived at North Star Plating a while back. After hours of detail work and layers of copper, nickel, and chrome, she's restored and ready to be front-center again.


Hood Ornaments date way back!

Egyptian chariots were found to have been adorned with ornaments. Sometimes for good luck. In the 1920s hood ornaments helped make the exposed radiator cap look less industrial. Over time the radiator cap became hidden under the hood so the ornament was more cosmetic than functional. The theme of these pieces continued to be sleek, speed, and power through the 1950s. Sadly, automakers then began installing what might be called 'badges' rather than ornaments. 


That 70s Car

The American automobile nearly flatlined in the 1970s (after the muscle car) allowing foreign automakers to gain a foothold in the US that would never be relinquished.

Early cars made of steel and chrome will become more and more scarce as the years go by, as will those who restore them.

Patience is a Virtue of the Car Restorer
Patience is a Virtue of the Car Restorer

As much as I enjoy the auto restoration shows on TV, I realize that the 30 minutes showing a start, to finish project, probably took up to 2 years.

Chromed Classics Mean Springtime in Minnesota
Chromed Classics Mean Springtime in Minnesota

It’s late April in Minnesota and the classic cars are beginning to show up on our roads after winter hibernation. Soon the glint of chrome will be everywhere.